The start of fall has begun and cold weather is approaching. Golfing in colder temperatures can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very challenging. The best thing to do on a cold golf day is to prepare properly, over preparing is better than under preparing. Here are the top tips for golfing when the air is cooler.

Walk instead of ride

It’s understandable that this may not be possible for everyone or you might think riding a cart will keep you warmer, but it won’t. Walking will keep you much warmer. You’re constantly moving letting your blood flow, which also keeps you from becoming too stiff. If you have to ride make sure to bring an extra coat and throw it in the cart.

Keep your hands warm

We all know the pain of blading a ball while it’s cold outside, definitely not a good feeling. Make sure to keep hand warmers in your bag. Consider buying winter gloves or even wearing two golf gloves. Warm hands are of great importance because they control your club and if you lose control of the club you lose control of your game.

Layer Up

One of the most important things to remember is to put multiple layers of warm clothing on. You don’t want t get stuck out there in the cold with nothing to keep you warm.

Focus on smooth consistent swings and club up

In Cold air temperatures and with layers of clothes on, your ball won’t travel as far going a shorter distance than usual. Smooth consistent swings will go a long way in this situation especially if you catch the ball in the middle of the club face. Clubbing up won’t hurt either. Say you usually play a 160 yard shot with an 8 iron, but for cold days maybe play a 7 iron. It’s a little better to play long than short on these types of days.

Play the right ball

In colder weather golf balls aren’t as effective as they are in the summer time. Basically what happens is the golf ball gains more air resistance and doesn’t pop off the face as good. It’s better to play a low compression ball such as a Bridgestone e6 or Callaway chrome soft. A soft ball compresses easier in cold temperatures helping go nearly the same distance as your ball normally would.

Play with a realistic goal

Come to the course expecting a lower score. The dip in temperature changes the game a lot and no matter the amount of practices, it’s likely you won’t have a personal best. If you come to the course with a realistic expectation, the round will be much more enjoyable.

Give yourself some slack

Colder weather makes golf much more difficult. Give yourself some slack and play the leaf and winter rules. The environment becomes much more relaxed and fun and you’ll play a bit better.

The main goals for golfing on those cooler days are keeping warm (both you and your equipment), coming to the course with real expectations, and enjoying the game. The Lincoln City Golf courses are all great places to enjoy the game, even during colder temperatures. When it starts to get cold all of our clubhouses will be heated and stocked with food, warm drinks, and great merchandise. Make sure to take advantage of the select merchandise specials during the Lincoln City Golf Customer Appreciation Days on October 21st and 22nd.