Keeping up course maintenance standards is very important in order to create a great playing environment. Golf courses are in constant change since they are always growing. To help increase and maintain the efficiency of the course, there are lots of things golfers can do. Here are the top three things you can do to help the course you are playing on.

Keep carts 30 ft from greens and tees

Keeping carts 30 feet from greens and tees helps to avoid wear in those areas. The wear from the golf carts will eventually have an effect on the play-ability of the course, especially around the slopes of the greens.

Replace your divots

Replacing divots will help keep the surface playable and smooth for the next golfer. Not only does replacing your divots help the next golfer, if the divot is in good condition it should recover quicker and come back completely.

Repair your ball mark on the green

Repairing ball marks on the green is the most important task a golfer can do. It smooths the surface of the green and allows for quicker recovery leaving the green in good condition for the next group of players. It’s a good idea to always fix your ball mark and two others before leaving the green.

The Lincoln City golf staff is dedicated to provide the most optimal playing conditions for our golfers. These three simple things will not only reinforce the maintenance crew’s hard work, but also give them a helping hand.