The Best Wedges on the Market for 2017

The main goal for all wedges is to better your control of distance, increase the ball spin, and create more versatility with your shots. Almost all of the clubs on this list can give you these things with their technology, but like almost every other club in your bag it comes down to how it [...]

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How the Golf Loyalty Program Works

We’ve got newly designed Golf Loyalty Cards and they're FREE! Our loyalty cards are available at all courses for all golfers. The program is simple – as you pay for green fees and cart fees, you accumulate loyalty points that can be traded for free green fees or free cart fees. Make sure to bring [...]

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Top Tips for Golfing in Colder Weather

The start of fall has begun and cold weather is approaching. Golfing in colder temperatures can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very challenging. The best thing to do on a cold golf day is to prepare properly, over preparing is better than under preparing. Here are the top tips for [...]

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The 2017 President’s Cup

One of the ultimate duels between United States and International golfers is this weekend. It’s the United States Team v. the International Team, both containing some of the greatest golfers in the world. It all began in 1994 with a competition held at Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Virginia, USA. It has been around [...]

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Fall 2017 Bid and Buy

Bid & Buy is almost here! Between Sunday September 17, 2017 and Monday September 25, 2017 there will be an online bid & buy auction for Lincoln City Golf gift cards and memberships. It will be held on the Lincoln Journal Star website and will be full of great deals for local places here in [...]

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How to Regrip Your Golf Clubs

At first regripping your golf clubs may seem difficult and time consuming, but it’s actually quite simple. Doing this yourself can give you the pride in accomplishing a project on your own and add your own flare to the clubs. Golf grips are one of the most important parts of the club, so make them [...]

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The Best Putters for Each Price Range

A golfer isn’t going to use a certain driver if it doesn’t match their feel, the same goes with the putter. Of course there are clubs out there with better technology, but ultimately it comes down to whether or not the take away, follow through, and impact between the ball and club feels right. All [...]

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25th Annual Lincoln Parks Foundation Golf Tournament

Join the Lincoln Parks Foundation as they celebrate their 25th year as an organization and their 25th golf tournament! It will be at the Highlands Golf Course on September 15th, 2017. Location: Highlands Golf Course 5501 NW 12th Street, Lincoln NE (402) 441-6081 Entry Fee: $100 / player $600 / Corporate Sponsor* (includes 4 person [...]

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How to Control a Fade and Draw with your Driver

The accuracy of your drive is of vital importance. This shot lays out the rest of the hole and decides how you will approach the green. Many golfers have a tendency to focus on the distance when hitting their driver, but what’s more important is the accuracy. If you can hit it far but not [...]

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