Tips on Hitting Low Shots for Those Windy Days

Harsh weather in golf calls for a change in your game. You have to think and act differently if you want to succeed, especially if it’s windy outside. In the wind there’s more stress on the ball causing it to spin a lot more than usual. One of the best ways to surpass this is [...]

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The Importance of Getting Kids Involved in Golf

Golf is a great sport for young kids to get involved with. It helps them grow mentally and physically by keeping them healthy and teaching them life skills. The golf course is a great place for kids to meet new people, immerse themselves in healthy competition, and learn the value of patience and self-improvement. The [...]

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Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Proper Club Fitting

With golf season just around the corner it’s time to start preparing your club setup. A lot of the time golfers use handed-down clubs, a mix and match of different club brands and sizes, and factory made clubs that aren’t custom fit to the golfer. While this is, of course, okay to do, it will [...]

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Staying Fit During Golf’s Off-Season

Golf, just like many other sports, has an off-season. It’s a perfect time to let your body rejuvenate and work on specific aspects of your game before heading to the course. It focuses on a few main fitness areas including core strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and overall strength. These are the areas to keep in [...]

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Golf Leagues Available for 2018

Want to start your own league? Corporate/private and public/course run leagues are available at Holmes, Pioneers, and Mahoney for the 2018 year. Enjoy options like 9 and 18 hole times, online league updates, shotgun starts and weekly food and drink specials! Bring your friends, family members, and co-workers and enjoy their company while playing a [...]

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How to Speed up Pace of Play and Why it’s Important

A typical game of golf lasts about four hours. This time frame can always change based on player behavior, skill level, course design, and busyness of the course. There are many differing opinions on an acceptable pace of play, but it’s certain that a slow pace has a negative effect on a golfer’s enjoyment. Typically [...]

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The Ultimate Golfing Tool, the Trackman

Trackman technology is making a dent in the golf industry with hundreds of tour players and thousands of coaches. It's one of the best tools for analyzing your swing giving you plenty of data to work from. It not only captures different parameters of data, but it also captures a video of your swing. Our [...]

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Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Any Golfer

Happy New Year! It’s time to take up some new resolutions on the golf course. Forget about those three putts and terrible drives, and focus on working hard and achieving great strides in your game. Resolutions can be broad goals or as specific as tweaking your hands during your backswing. Sometimes it's difficult to decide [...]

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Top 5 Greatest Golfers of All Time

It’s extremely difficult to determine who the greatest golfers of all time are and where to rank them. You must use factors including the number of PGA tour wins, winning streaks, consistency, longevity, swing style, and most importantly major wins. There's also the occasional bias because sometimes you just like to root for the underdog [...]

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