Should You Putt or Chip off the Fringe?

The age old question, should you putt or chip when hitting off the fringe? Many new players struggle with making this decision. What it comes down to is what the situation looks like and what you’re most comfortable with. Usually one will trump the other, but they can also be interchangeable. To determine the best [...]

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Top Weirdest Golf Gadgets

Throughout the history of golf there have been many great inventions to help golfers improve their game. There have also been some nutty, weird, and mind boggling inventions. Here are some of the top wackiest and weirdest golf gadgets ever created. Potty Putter  Photo © Not happy with your putting skills lately? No worries you can [...]

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Why Frost Delays are Important

We've already had a few days with frost on the greens. It may be bothersome to have a start time delayed due to frost, but by waiting a little longer for play to start, you are doing the turf on the course a lot of good. This video from USGA helps explain why frost delays are important. [...]

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Conquering the Fairway Bunker Shot

Bunkers, especially fairway bunkers, give anxiety to many beginners and amateur golfers. This is because they feel uneasy about their game in the bunker due to rarely practicing this type of shot and the fact that most golf is played on grass. A change in mindset and growth in confidence is needed for succeeding at [...]

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Which Putting Grip Fits your Style?

Putting styles and grips have evolved since the beginning of golf creating some very helpful and odd grip techniques. There are pros and cons to each but what it truly comes down to is if it works for you. Here are five conventional and unconventional grips used by amateur and professional golfers. Traditional Grip The [...]

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How to Grip a Golf Club Correctly

Many beginning golfers see the golf grip as simple and have a tendency to grab the club and squeeze, almost like a baseball bat. It’s actually quite complex and important to hitting a straight and consistent shot. You always want to make sure your grip is in the right spot especially if you’re looking to [...]

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Twilight Play-Golfing in the Midst of Dusk

A beautiful blue and orange mix of colors fill the sky. The sun is starting to set and light is fading. The weather is starting to chill bringing in a fall/winter breeze. Nobody is on the golf course, except for you and your group. It's time to play your heart out in the midst of somewhat [...]

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The Best Wedges on the Market for 2017

The main goal for all wedges is to better your control of distance, increase the ball spin, and create more versatility with your shots. Almost all of the clubs on this list can give you these things with their technology, but like almost every other club in your bag it comes down to how it [...]

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How the Golf Loyalty Program Works

We’ve got newly designed Golf Loyalty Cards and they're FREE! Our loyalty cards are available at all courses for all golfers. The program is simple – as you pay for green fees and cart fees, you accumulate loyalty points that can be traded for free green fees or free cart fees. Make sure to bring [...]

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Top Tips for Golfing in Colder Weather

The start of fall has begun and cold weather is approaching. Golfing in colder temperatures can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very challenging. The best thing to do on a cold golf day is to prepare properly, over preparing is better than under preparing. Here are the top tips for [...]

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