We have so many amazing staff members at Lincoln City Golf and we want you to get to know them too! Our PGA Pros are some of the most dedicated and passionate people in our programs, so we’ve got a series of interviews from them, sharing their own golf experiences and their opinions for this year’s golfers.

Meet Wade Foreman!

Wade leads the Lincoln City Golf program. He has been responsible for the major increase of junior programs in the city and is deeply committed to the game. Wade works with all of our city courses and our many golf programs, including the Lincoln Men’s Golf Association, Senior Men’s and Lincoln Women’s Municipal Golf Association.


Wade Foreman, PGA Professional for Lincoln City Golf


When and where did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf when I was 6 years old at a 9-hole course in Winner, South Dakota

Who influenced your game the most?

My father and mother would play on weekends so I joined them.

Did you have talented right away or did you have to really commit? 

It did not come easy, I practiced quite a bit especially on my chipping and putting.

What’s in your golf bag?

Titlist clubs and balls, plus a few lucky ball markers

If you had to pick a favorite club, what would it be? 

Putter because so many of the strokes come from a round of golf using it and I like putting.

What was your greatest personal victory playing? 

Probably winning a couple of Nebraska Professional Golf events when I was younger.

Name your top golf experience(s) to date. 

My Top 5 would have to be:  #1 Oakmont, #2 Kiawah Island-Ocean Course, #3 Medalist Club, #4 TPC Sawgrass, and #5 Sand Hills

What’s the greatest golf advice you’ve ever been given?

Forget about the last shot as you can do nothing about it.  Focus on the next one coming up.

What is the best relationship you have formed through golf? 

There are many but mostly the friendships and fun you have with people during a round are great memories.  You learn a lot about someone when you play 18 holes with them.

What sort of life lessons do you get from golf? 

Golf teaches you many life lessons, the biggest one to me is you have to be patient and let things happen and not try to force making a par or birdie.

What advice do you give to beginner golfers?

If you can practice on the range or practice your putting once a week and play once a week you will get better in a hurry.  Playing in scrambles is a fun way for the new golfer to have fun and become more relaxed on the course.  Every golfer started as a new golfer at some point.

What’s your favorite Lincoln City golf course?

I really enjoy playing Holmes Park.  It has a lot of elevation and here in Nebraska the wind is always blowing making it more difficult.  I like to walk and carry my clubs so Holmes is great exercise.

Who should we watch out for this year?/Who are the up and coming players?

There are a number of great young players.  A couple I would say to watch are:  Matthew Fitzpatrick and Patrick Cantlay. Both have played well in some bigger events and may breakout in 2019.