It’s been a long winter but, boy, are we glad to be back on the green! We have so many amazing staff members at Lincoln City Golf and we want you to get to know them too! Our PGA Pros are some of the most dedicated and passionate people in our programs, so we’ve got a series of interviews from them, sharing their own golf experiences and their opinions for this year’s golfers.

Meet Joe Canny!

Joe is a PGA Certified Professional with 8 years of player development experience helping coach all levels of golf. He has a tremendous passion and dedication to help all who play have fun in a relaxed setting at the Jim Ager Golf Course.


Joe Canny receiving the 2018 Nebraska PGA Facility of the Year award on March 11, 2019.


When and where did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf in Rockwell City, IA when I was in elementary school. The town had a pool and a golf course to entertain yourself and nobody wanted to see me in a bathing suit as a youngster so I chose golf. The course was a 9-hole executive length called Twin Lakes Golf Club. Still go back each summer.

Who influenced your game the most?

My grandfather was an accomplished golfer who competed before he was injured. I played with him about every day growing up and now pass those lessons he taught me on to others. I catch myself often muttering the same things he did on the course.

Did you have talent right away or did you have to really commit?

I had to really commit. Don’t know what it is like to be naturally talented at anything. Like I said before….it was a small town growing up with nothing else for me to do so I played 54 holes a day or more in the summer.

What’s in your golf bag?

Right now, I am playing the Callaway Rogue series woods and irons. I was custom fit by Derek Jensen, PGA at Highlands. They do an amazing job fitting you in the perfect clubs that maximize distance and accuracy.

If you had to pick a favorite club, what would it be?

I have always loved my gap wedge. Very versatile club around the green, with pitch shots and full shots. Easy to play with spin and height for whatever shot you need to play.

What was your greatest personal victory playing?

When I worked for the PGA of America in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida I won the PGA HQ Staff Championship. Obviously not a big event but I beat people who played on mini-tours, in college and who now travel the country running the best championships in the world. It was fun because it was days before a tropical storm and those Florida boys didn’t know how to play in 30+ mph wind and for this Nebraska boy that was just a normal spring day!

Name your top golf experience(s) to date.

My favorite golf experiences are watching my students succeed. I enjoy watching students I’ve taught win a tournament, make their first birdie and just have fun on the golf course. I love this game and enjoy seeing others do the same.

What’s the greatest golf advice you’ve ever been given?

“Dance with the date that brought you.” My grandfather told me this whenever I played in a tournament to remind me that you have to play whatever the day brings. Some days you don’t have all the shots so you have to play whatever is working that day. This advice has helped turn some rounds that could have gotten away from me into respectable scores.

What is the best relationship you have formed through golf?

I think about the hundreds of friends I’ve formed just working for Lincoln City Golf. I’m lucky to work here where I meet great people and get to see them around the community.

What sort of life lessons do you get from golf?

A round of golf is like a microcosm of life. Sometimes things are going great and your living in the short stuff but a mistake or bad luck can set you back. When you get in those situations in life and on the course all you can do is your best to recover.

What advice do you give to beginner golfers?

Golf is about fun with friends and family. Also know golfers are not like the highlights you see on TV. We all make lots of mistakes and are closer to you than those professionals you see on TV.

What’s your favorite Lincoln City golf course?

The best part of Lincoln City Golf is we have five very unique courses and you can belong to them all. You aren’t at a single course where you relive the same shots every day. Here you can play a links style course like highlands and then move to a tight course favoring accuracy like Mahoney. You can get beautiful city views at Holmes or country views at Pioneers. You can even play with the entire family at Ager. The courses at Lincoln City Golf combine to be the best because of the variety and experiences you can have at each.

Who should we watch out for this year?/Who are the up and coming players?

Honestly I don’t watch or follow the golf tours. I love it but with 2 little ones at home and another on the way we watch Sesame Street instead of golf and I’m stuck reading Goodnight Moon instead of Golf Digest.


Jim Ager Golf Course Clubhouse