3 Quick Swing Fixes

When learning or practicing your golf swing there are three things you probably hear quite a bit, which are to keep your forward arm straight during your backswing, keep your elbow tight against your body during the downswing, and don't flip your wrists. You might ask, “why are these so important,” well look no further. [...]

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The Difference between Muscle Back and Cavity Back Irons

Muscle back (also known as blades) and cavity back irons refer to the way the back of the iron is designed and shaped. The muscle back is thin and solid allowing for more flexibility in play whereas the cavity back iron is thick and hollow, hence the carved out cavity on the back of the [...]

Golf: A Family Game for the Bakers

Lincoln City Golf is filled with a great deal of opportunities to help improve your game. No matter your age or skill level, we have programs that will not only help you lower your score but also make your golf experience much more enjoyable. Our programs range from private instruction to group classes and anything [...]

Protective Measures to Prevent Skin Cancer

With summer almost here and the sun rays beaming down, it’s important to take preventive efforts to reduce UV radiation exposure. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is an abnormal growth of skin cells and develops mostly on areas of the skin exposed to the sun’s rays. It’s the most common form [...]

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2018 Memberships, Cart Passes, and Discount Cards

Golf season has begun! Memberships are the perfect way to save money, get more involved in the golf community, and improve your scores. One membership gives you access to five different and unique courses in the city of Lincoln. It's the perfect option if you're an avid golfer wanting to save money. With our discount [...]

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Why Proper Rotation of Your Hips Leads to Better Golf

Hip rotation is an important aspect of your golf swing. Your hips work together with many other parts of your body to produce a nice rhythm and tempo. The hips help generate power, control accuracy, and keep your club face square. A failure to rotate your hips properly can result in pushing or pulling the [...]

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The Advantages of Merging Business with Golf

Golf has the ability to bring diverse people together for friendly competition, making the golf course a prime place for business professionals. It's a great opportunity to bond with other people and shows you just how powerful golf can be in the business world. Here are the advantages for why the game of golf helps [...]

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Help Youth Get Involved in Golf by Donating Clubs, Golf Balls, and Equipment

Have an old set of clubs lying around or a bucket of golf balls sitting in your garage? Donating golf clubs, equipment, and balls to Jim Ager Golf Course helps young aspiring golfers pursue their passion for this wonderful game. Out of the clubs donated 90% are going to go toward the youth cut-down program [...]

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Why You Should Treat Yourself to a Proper Club Fitting

With golf season just around the corner it’s time to start preparing your club setup. A lot of the time golfers use handed-down clubs, a mix and match of different club brands and sizes, and factory made clubs that aren’t custom fit to the golfer. While this is, of course, okay to do, it will [...]

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Staying Fit During Golf’s Off-Season

Golf, just like many other sports, has an off-season. It’s a perfect time to let your body rejuvenate and work on specific aspects of your game before heading to the course. It focuses on a few main fitness areas including core strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and overall strength. These are the areas to keep in [...]

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