The Parks and Recreation Department invites the public to the Lincoln City Golf Open House from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 6 at the Holmes Golf Course, 3701 S. 70th St.  The event will introduce Peg the goose dog and include demonstrations, activities, food and representatives from local businesses and golf leagues.  Lessons and golf merchandise, including a Callaway Epic Flash Driver, will be given away as door prizes.

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Come and meet Peg, the border collie!

border collie.

Pictured here is a border collie, photo from

Parks and Recreation won Peg, a border collie, in a contest sponsored by FlyAway Geese, a company that trains dogs to humanely control nuisance birds on golf courses and airports. Peg is valued at $6,500. When not at work on the greens or in the ponds at Holmes Golf Course and Pioneers Golf Course, Peg will be managed and hosted by Casey Crittenden, the Lincoln City Golf Maintenance Coordinator.

“Holmes and Pioneers golf courses have beautiful waterways nearby making them perfect habitat for resident geese.” said Casey Crittenden, Golf Course Maintenance Coordinator.  “Their droppings leave a mark, particularly on our greens.  The goose dog will help us better control our feathered friends, and will be a wonderful addition to our team.  We are all anxious to meet her.”

Flyaway Geese has provided businesses, corporations, airports, military installations and golf courses across the country with humane and effective migratory bird solutions since 1997. Rebecca, Owner and Alpha Dog for Flyaway Geese has trained and successfully competed dogs in obedience trials since she was four. An expert in bird management, dog training and breeding, Gibson’s business model offers humane, PETA approved solution to a specific environmental niche.





The Lincoln Parks Foundation is hosting a welcome drive for the dog during the Golf Open House.  Toys and treats may be donated at the golf open house.  Items that cannot be used by Peg will be donated to the Capital Humane Society.  Peg’s food has been donated by the Blue Buffalo Company.


Blue Buffalo, based in Wilton, CT, is the nation’s leading natural pet food company, providing natural foods and treats for dogs and cats.

“At Blue Buffalo our mission is to help dogs and cats by feeding natural and healthy diets,” said David Petrie, Vice President Blue Buffalo Sponsorships.  “We are excited and happy to support a wonderful working dog like Peg and Lincoln Parks and Recreation.”

Blue Buffalo, based in Wilton, CT, is the nation’s leading natural pet food company, providing natural foods and treats for dogs and cats.  Paying tribute to its founding mission, Blue Buffalo is a leading sponsor of critical research studies of pet cancer, including causes, treatments and the role of nutrition, at leading veterinary medical schools and clinics across the U.S.  More information is available at

The City has one nine-hole course, the Jim Ager Golf Course at 3761 Normal Blvd., 402-441-8963, and four 18-hole courses:

  • Highlands, 5501 N.W. 12th St., 402-441-6081
  • Holmes, 3701 S. 70th St., 402-441-8960
  • Mahoney, 7900 Adams St., 402-441-8969
  • Pioneers, 3403 West Van Dorn St., 402-441-8966

For more information about the open house or the Lincoln City Golf program, call the Holmes Golf Course at 402-441-8960.  For more information about Lincoln Parks and Recreation, visit